BRITAIN was once known for its bullish buy-to-let housing market; which landlords relied upon to fill their increasing pension pots. However; it seems this is now no longer the case.

Stamp duty surcharges; mortgage tapering relief, rising interest rates and Brexit uncertainties, have all meant that this once flourishing market has seen yields decline so badly in parts of the South East, that large numbers of buy-to-let landlords are seeking other methods.

More specifically, one method; which has caused the rental market to take a very interesting turn.

How? Many landlords are now cashing in by short-letting their properties. A method that is generating averages of £200 per night.

Further investigation shows, that when it comes to short-letting, the figures really are doing the talking.

Brighton based company, Liquid Properties, has reported that they can achieve rent increases of up to 198 per cent when short-letting their clients properties instead of using traditional methods. This means the local market rent of £1,750 per calendar month, can now be increased to a colossal £5,000 when using their short-let model.

A spokesperson advised that the benefits of short-letting far outweigh those of traditional methods. Stating that not only are they achieving massive rental income gains for clients, they are also helping customers to avoid agency fees and to become immune to issues caused by tenants’ legal rights and stressful eviction processes.

The company's methods to significantly increase profits, along with their clients’ new ability to earn the average workers UK salary by short-letting just one property; also help to clarify why short-letting is becoming popular amongst financially literate landlords.

However, not everyone is happy. From looking at Liquid Properties social media pages we can see that a storm is brewing, one which has resulted from the company alienating local tenants by removing properties from the rental market; as well as causing rent prices to increase catastrophically. This is also putting pressure on the issue of homelessness, something that already plagues Brighton’s streets.

The short story of short-lettings?

If you're a landlord it's clearly the holy grail; but for tenants, it's a lose, lose situation; with declining affordable housing and rents rising to mirror the unprecedented levels of Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

You can contact Liquid Properties on 01273 634 868, online at or Twitter @Liquid_Property