PARSONS SON & BASLEY are extremely proud to be able to announce that their auction on April 24 will be their 1000th having conducted their very first auction at The Steyne Hotel in Worthing on June, 26 1826.

Auctioneer Simon Caplin said: “It is such a privilege to be able to conduct Parsons Son & Basley’s 1000th auction and continue the great tradition and heritage of the firm. More importantly however is the ability we have to be able to not only sell a property immediately (as the fall of the gavel creates an instant legally binding contract) but at exceptional prices at the same time. Situations where you have multiple bidding on the same property really does ensure we are able to achieve results that are simply not possible to replicate outside of the auction room itself.

“During the years, I have been auctioning properties, my favourite story and perhaps most explanatory way of detailing the benefits of an auction room was the sale of a house in central Brighton that I sold at the end of 2017. Pre-auction I had received two bids of £325,000 and £330,000 respectively from two buyers both advising they would not pay a penny more than the amounts they had offered. Both attended the auction and bid against each other for a full 15 minutes and from a guide of £300,000 to £325,000, the property sold for an astonishing £368,000 to the person who had assured me that the £330,000 he had previously offered was his highest and best offer.

“This is where the atmosphere and intensity of the auction room takes over and is best explained I think like this. As human beings, often we want something we can’t have or that someone else wants and this is why buyers often say to me at the end of an auction that they paid a little more than they wanted to however, they felt the property must have been worth it due to the amount of other people who were also bidding at round about the same price. I point I see very clearly and is indeed a hard one to disagree with.”

If you would like to include your property within PS&B’s 1000th auction, please telephone Simon Caplin on 01273 274010 or Jordan Webb on 01273 274014 or email