The joy of owning a beach hut near the sea is that on the days throughout the summer when Brighton and Hove is sunny and warm with a cool breeze coming in from the Channel you’ll be able to pop down to the beach and have the luxury of somewhere to sit and shelter in if the need arises.

Some beach hut owners even have cooking utensils, a small kettle and cups to enable them to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee for themselves and any visitors who may drop in.

Michael Keilthy, of Callaways, said: “In my experience these small huts by the beach are secure and well maintained and are ideal for a little hideaway on the long, hot summer day when home is too far to go until the end of the day.

“At Callaways we have beach huts for sale from time to time, but they always sell very quickly.

“So if you want to buy a beach hut in either Brighton or Hove it’s a good idea to register your interest with us so we can keep you up to date with what’s available and you’ll have a better chance of securing the little piece of heaven by the sea.”

The huts are only available on Hove Promenade, from the Brighton border on Hove Lawns, all the way to the Hove Portslade border at Hove Lagoon. The council owns all the sites, and licences are granted to allow you to place a beach hut there. The licence fee is £307.07 inclusive of VAT for 2013/14. Prices range from £9,000 to £16,000.

There are about 450 beach huts in Hove. The beach huts are one of the iconic images of the city.

Michael said: “Callaways have been selling beach huts since 2005. It all started when we were selling a four-bedroom house in Rutland Gardens. The family had a beach hut and were willing to offer it with the house sale. Callaways thought it would be great marketing if we sold the beach hut for half-a-million pounds and offered a four-bedroom house in Hove with it. The national newspapers loved it and a sale was agreed very quickly.”

To find out more, contact Callaways Estate and Lettings Agents, 59 Church Road, Hove, or email, or call 01273 735237.