SINCE releasing their debut album Thunder, Lightning, Strike in 2004, The Go! Team have been known for their scintillating mix of melody and energy.

The band, led by Brighton-based songwriter Ian Parton, merge propulsive percussion with glimmering pop hooks, making for a sound that is equally catchy and dynamic.

It was a shame, then, that this winning cocktail was often obscured at the group’s Concorde 2 show, blitzed by overzealous instrumentation. Intricacy and nuance were largely surrendered to make way for crashing drums and overbearing guitars.

Old favourite Ladyflash and The Scene Between – from the 2015 album of the same name – were nothing like the best versions of themselves, with melodies lost in a harsh racket that assaulted the ears.

It might seem like a minor point, but the fact that Parton and fellow guitarists let grating feedback ring out in between songs added to the maelstrom.

Certain parts of the set begged to be stripped down, allowed to breathe, but the band seemed unwilling to drop the intensity aside from on touching instrumentals like Everyone’s a VIP To Someone.

There were other highlights, sure. The frenzied brass line of Keys To The City cut through the wall of noise to thrilling effect, while Ninja’s verses on Grip Like A Vice and Huddle Formation were characteristically punchy, and, in the latter case, emotional.

Mostly, the songs from recent album Semicircle stood up well. Semicircle Song featured more sterling brass work while She’s Got Guns, played as part of the encore, saw Ninja at her buoyant best (“pick it up, pick it up” she rapped while pogoing).

The band will no doubt see the Concorde gig as a successful hometown show and the audience was enthusiastic enough.

At times, however, one pined for a little more subtlety and a little less sound and fury.