Set inside the mighty stars and stripes big top, Circus Vegas brings together all the traditional circus elements you might expect, plus Vegas-style show girls in scintillating costumes and feather boas.

Opening on Wednesday with an Elvis look-alike, dancers and a hoop artist, the clown, complete with cow boy hat, soon has audience members on stage doing impromptu dance routines.

The highlights include an aerial artist, hanging elegantly from a chandelier, metres overhead. She later performs with aerial silks, demonstrating complex gymnastics whilst flying angelically, supported only by silk wings.

Later an ‘old lady’ with a Zimmer frame wants a turn in the limelight. But of course there is a time machine.

She emerges youthful and embarks on further transformation in an instantaneous dress-changing routine. The first half finishes with two motorcyclists speeding scarily around a ball.

The second half sees with the sky wheel duo running around the spinning wheels, sometimes with skipping ropes or blind folds metres high.

There is a strong man outsmarting the wheels of a van. The finale is the high wire performers who fearlessly cross the wire by bike and on each other’s shoulders, without a safety harness.

As part of the Brighton Fringe, The European Entertainment Corporation Ltd have created the appearance of a grand scale affair, but there are actually only fifteen super-human performers (no animals).

You come to expect a high standard of risk taking stunts from the circus, and Circus Vegas delivers on all counts - dare-devil stunts, tradition, variety, and glamour.