Full of surprises, this adaptation of the classic tale pursued many unexpected tangents from the outset when a voice called out: “Are you here to see the Gingerbread Man? Well, he’s not here”.

Instead, there was a passenger waiting at a French train station for a cancelled train, and an eccentric ticket inspector singing Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. With time on their hands, the passenger began telling the tale of a farmer and his wife, which they began to act out. There followed much of the traditional tale with some comedy and silliness for youngsters as the wife threw ginger powder and flour all over her head as she baked.

One of the most enthralling parts for young children was the moment the oven door opened and the Gingerbread Man appeared to sit up and move around by himself on the baking tray. It was very cleverly executed.

Stuff And Nonsense Theatre, who have adapted other traditional tales, put on this imaginative and ambitious production. There were many creative puppets including geese, a goat, a church choir and of course, a fox. However, the fox didn’t eat Ginger on the river, instead, she chased him overseas to cities including Paris, New York and Agra, cleverly portrayed through carvings in suitcases.

However, it was a rather long-winded tale with many peculiarities for the very young audience. They even went to a night club, as the Gingerbread man learned how to disguise himself as a human, before returning home as the station passenger.