Deacon Blue

Brighton Centre

Four stars

I don’t have many claims to fame, but I once played five-a-side football against Ricky Ross in Glasgow.

I was shifting at The Record and agreed to make up the footie numbers – crikey that must be nearly 30 years ago.

All I remember is he seemed a decent bloke, we’re the same age and he was a better footballer than me – probably still is.

I’ve since followed his career, and political comments, with interest so when a couple of tickets came up to see Deacon Blue celebrating three decades in the business at the Brighton Centre I was first in the queue.

It’s an interesting time for the band to play this tour and ‘give back’ to the fans as the last few years have seen a real burst of energy leading to three new albums.

Speaking entirely selfishly, I’m delighted they chose to play all the classic songs from their illustrious career as it really did take me back – however, I must admit I did also enjoy a couple of the lesser known tracks.

Dignity obviously brought the house down and Real Gone Kid was belted out by the whole audience.

But, I particularly enjoyed Birds and the finale which saw the entire band take lines from Elvis’ Always On My Mind.

Here’s to the next 30 years, who knows, maybe I’ll get to kick Ricky one more time.

Andy Parkes