Camp Bestival

Four stars

Lulworth Castle, Dorset

RADIO One DJ Rob da Bank and his wife Josie have got a tricky job choosing the right music and entertainment for this festival. For the many who head over to Dorset from Sussex and elsewhere for the country’s quintessential family festival, Camp Bestival kicks off their summer holiday.

And it can’t be easy keeping different age ranges of parents and children happy.

They certainly pulled it off again at the weekend though. I was chuffed to see two members of the band Shed Seven playing an acoustic set, bringing me back to the 1990s with their songs Chasing Rainbows and Going for Gold. Singer Rick Witter had great fun with the crowd, even holding out the microphone for fans to show off their singing.

Then there was Jess Glynne headlining the first night, Nile Rodgers and Chic finishing off Saturday and DJ Annie Mac on Sunday before the lightshow on the castle and the fireworks finale.

Many families rock up at the Castle Stage and watch act after act. But others who explored the other fields will have been rewarded. The food at the DJ BBQ marquee was from across and out of this world. In the kids’ field the Insect Circus had the children looking on in wonder and there were lots of other small attractions dotted around. The Literary Institute gave visitors the chance to hear discussions on pollution and other issues and again the Bigtopmania circus tent had children giggling and their parents in stitches too.

The new Wild Tribe field was a big hit with children sawing wood and hammering it together to make a full-sized boat.

There was yoga at the Sleep Retreat and my favourite addition was the Spinbox where we completed 45 minute spin classes to music from some of the best DJs in the country.

Camp Bestival had lots of different generations to keep happy and lets hope it continues for further generations to enjoy.