Tabby McTat


Theatre Royal, Brighton, Monday, August 5

The cast of four from Freckle Productions took it in turns to play the different characters in this popular children’s tale of friendship and loyalty by Julia Donaldson.

From the old-guitar playing busker Fred and his cat Tabby McTat to a thief and nurses who treated Fred in the hospital, the four kept swapping roles throughout the production.

Appearing one by one out of the audience, swearing they are the biggest fan of the book, each performer brought a required item, such as a chequered hat for Fred’s busking.

Later they offered up their skills as a musician or a magician, as the tale required.

It was a performance that was filled with original music by Bobby Delaney and engaging, rhyming lyrics by JJ Green.

The cast energetically sang and danced their way through the hour impressively, much to the delight of the audience.

The show flowed along with a style of improvisation.

Props were also used imaginatively – a water bottle became a bagpipe and an accordion was made from paper.

The continual swapping of roles made it harder to relate to each individual character.

However, the performers made this heart-warming tale lively and fun and kept the young audience engaged throughout.

Tania Deaville