BalletBoyz: Them/Us

Theatre Royal, Brighton, Wednesday, September 18

TWO-PART ballet Them/Us isn’t like other ballets.

Forget classical music, tutus and sugar plum fairies – this is modern ballet at its finest, with an all-male company of six dancers.

Them/Us starts out fast and keeps up the pace in a dizzying, mesmerising display of dance.

Them, which, unusually, was choreographed by the dancers themselves, is a hip hop-style piece with some gobsmackingly good acrobatics.

The performance centres around the show’s only prop... a giant metal cube.

Then there’s Us.

Choreographed by the acclaimed Christopher Wheeldon, it’s a dream-like take on modern relationships that’s equal parts sexy and disturbing.

The focal point here is a moving pas de deux (a piece involving two dancers), which was originally crafted for a different piece.

BalletBoyz’ founders found the piece so enchanting that they asked him to come back to round out the story.

All in all, this is an immaculate production, from the music (scored specifically for each piece) to the choreography and the dancers themselves.

It’s faultless.

Jared Orlin