Alice Cooper

Brighton Centre, Brighton, Tuesday, October 8

AS THE curtain drops and the opening beats of Feed My Frankenstein kick in, there is no mistaking whose show this is.

Alice Cooper has been performing for more than 50 years and still continues to put on one of the greatest touring rock shows in the world.

Seeing the man born Vincent Furnier run through his catalogue of hits is not just a concert, it’s an experience.

A gothic castle stands ominously in the background and acts as the centrepiece for the production.

Throughout the course of 90 minutes of music Alice seduces an undead bride, sees a visitor to the castle get murdered and himself is decapitated in front of the packed crowd.

Of course the theatrics are set to Alice’s epic classic rock hits like No More Mr Nice Guy, I’m Eighteen and Poison.

And while he still sounds every bit as you would expect, you can tell Alice is in his seventies. His voice is still grizzled and ear grabbing but there are pauses for breath that you think he may not have needed to take ten or 15 years ago.

While the god of shock rock is good, it’s his band that are great. Ryan Roxie (lead guitar), Chuck Garric (bass), Tommy Henriksen (guitar) and Glen Sobel (drums) all rock.

But can we talk about Nita Strauss?

For those who don’t know Nita is one of the greatest rock guitarists in the world.

She could sell out shows on her own but continues to tour with Alice because she loves it, and it shows.

She has so much fun on stage that it’s impossible to imagine her enjoying anything else more.

The show ends with a kick ass rendition of School’s Out, which is interspersed with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall and a brief snippet of Cream’s Sunshine Of Your Love in tribute to the late Ginger Baker.

Across a 50-year career Alice has set the bar extremely high for theatrical shows, and on this tour that was his downfall.

He has done so much, “died” so many times in stage and brought so many fireworks in the past that tonight just could not live up to that. But make no mistake, Alice Cooper still puts on one of the best rock shows you’re likely to see.

Jamie Walker