DUBBED “the maestro of the masses”, André Rieu has sold over 40 million records and still sells more than 700,000 tickets annually. Known for his melodramatic stage presence, the Dutch violinist performed at the 1994, 2009 and 2019 Champions League Final football matches.

For his birthday celebrations, André will perform some of his most notable compositions from stunning locations around the world, which will be screened with a selection of his favourite performances from his 30-plus year career and a conversation with Charlotte Hawkins.

“I am so lucky in that I get to chat to André, often just moments after he has left the stage,” says Charlotte. “This time, he tells me about his favourite performances and memories from across his entire career.”

Now André will also take cinema audiences on an exclusive tour of his Maastricht home.

“It really is right up close and personal with André,” Charlotte tells me. “He talks about his whole life – you can really tell that he lives and breathes the music.”

“He is a fascinating person and an amazing person.”

Speaking about his upcoming birthday celebrations, André has said, “Making music is the only thing I can do, so it is my ambition to go on and on”

“Yes, I am going to be 70, but that means nothing except that I have been around longer than some people and not as long as others.

“I want to carry on for ever and do not be surprised if I am still with my orchestra, playing and jumping about on the stage when I am 120.”

Charlotte was born in Chichester. Her father was a clergyman at Chichester Cathedral and would “blare out classical music while he was washing the dishes. The louder the better”.

Now 44, Charlotte herself was married at the cathedral in 2008. Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Charlotte’s favourite piece of classical music, was played on the day.

Since 2017, she has been a newsreader on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan – “there’s never a dull moment” – and Susannah Reid. In the same year, she took part in Strictly Come Dancing, being eliminated in the fourth week.

An avid fan of classical music herself, Hawkins has presented her own Classic FM show on Sunday afternoons since January 2018.

Why does she think Andre Rieu’s music has been so enduringly popular, bringing classical music and specifically the waltz to new audiences and generations.

“He takes a piece of music and breathes life into it.

“When you see all the different types of people getting involved, it’s inspiring,” she says. “

“It’s so important we pass down our love of all types of music.”

“Classical music lets you step into a different world at the end of a stressful day.

“It fills the house with peace and tranquillity and all is right with the world.

“You can escape from the hustle and bustle and just relax.”

“It is vitally important to pass on this love of classical music to the next generation and André Rieu is doing so.”

This won’t be the first time that Charlotte and André have been together on the cinema screen.

“I’ve hosted the Maastricht concert for the last eight years now,” Charlotte says, referring to the annual series of open-air concerts that André Rieu puts on in his home town in Holland.

“The concerts are shown in cinemas so that people who can’t travel to see them have the next best thing.”

In January this year, Charlotte also hosted Andre’s first New Year’s concert from Sydney, Australia.

For this, André took cinema audiences on a “tour” of the city.

The event grossed more than $4.6 million worldwide, marking unprecedented growth in the music event cinema.

“There are some really emotional moments in his birthday performance and our conversation afterwards,” says Charlotte. “André’s son even gets involved.”

“It’s in cinemas around the country so there’s bound to be one nearby.

“It’s on your doorstep.”

André Rieu’s 70 Years Young screens in cinemas for one weekend only on January 4 and 5. Listings are available via andreincinemas.com.