DO YOU know your Guatemala from your Guadalupe?

Forget geography – welcome to the wild world of Brighton’s thriving coffee scene.

The city is arguably Britain’s caffeine capital, with independent bean roasters and experienced baristas scattered across the area.

In August they will assemble at the second annual Brighton Coffee Festival to talk all things coffee.

Roasters and baristas from across the country will set up shop in The Open Market alongside national firms.

Organiser Oli Crawley said Brighton is forward-thinking when it comes to its Joe.

“If you go to any other city like Southampton you’re not going to have as many independent stores doing great coffee,” he said.

“Brighton is a pretty exciting place when it comes to coffee.

“It’s such a diverse city there’s something for everyone here.”

According to Oli, it is not just taste that is important to the city’s coffee drinkers.

“The whole sustainability and ethical sourcing side of coffee is really popular now,” he said.

“It’s all about sustainability and looking at the roots. That’s what we’re trying to emphasise at the festival.

“Even if you don’t care about the sustainability and just wants to know what tastes good, there are so many experienced baristas to talk to here.”

The Brighton Coffee Festival will take place on August 9.

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