A BLUES guitarist has rescheduled his much-anticipated date in Brighton for February next year.

Eric Gales will now perform at Brighton Concorde on February 3.

The tour of the UK follows the release of his album The Bookends and features collaborations with B Slade, Doyle Bramhall and Beth Hart.

Tickets for the Brighton Concorde date are on sale at www.thegigcartel.com.

Special guest on all shows is the critically acclaimed British blues rock guitarist Danny Bryant.

Gales said making his most recent album was a big challenge but one he relished.

“As a guitar player it’s been established that I can play a little bit, just a little bit,” he said.

“But for this album I not only wanted to push myself as a musician, but also as a vocalist.

“What spearheaded that was the artists that I have on the record.”

Written over a nine-month period in California the album, which features three-time Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award winning vocalist B Slade on two songs, received plenty of critical acclaim.

Gales added: “When he (B Slade) came in I was a little afraid to sing in front of this guy, because this is what this dude does.

“But he’s a phenomenal person and he just brought it out of me.

“I don’t know if he was really aware of who I was before we met, but the day that he walked in and he heard the songs, his mind was blown. That was before he even saw me playing guitar, so when he saw me playing, he said ‘in my life I ain’t never seen nobody that can play like this’.”

Bramhall and Gales’ friendship, meanwhile, dates back to the 1990s and Eric Clapton’s right-hand man features on the triumphant Southpaw Serenade, while powerhouse vocalist Beth Hart joins Gales on a rousing rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends.

When asked why they chose to cover the Beatles’ classic, Gales said: “Well we both have similar stories. We’re survivors you know, drug addiction and her from depression. If you have got the right support and you can have help from your friends, it will all be awesome. It is such a powerful piece.”

Gales is revered by many illustrious guitarists including the likes of Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Joe Bonamassa and Tony Rombola (Godsmack).