THROUGHOUT the performance of Woman in Black, the Theatre Royal was filled with screams and nervous laughter.

This is a brilliant play that offers a mixture of terror, cut through with occasional moments of comic relief.

This theatre version of Susan Hill's novel, directed by Robin Herford, is filled with strong acting and ingenious set design.

The action takes the form of a rehearsal of a play, which adds an extra element of realism for the audience, as the actors seamlessly switch between roles.

The lead men controlled the stage throughout the performance and as for the woman in black....well more about her later.

Anthony Eden is the main protagonist, a hired actor to taken on to teach another man how to tell his haunting tale to an audience.

Robert Goodale plays the role of Arthur Kipps as he tries to move on from his terrifying past.

The Argus: The Women in Black at the Theatre Royal in BrightonThe Women in Black at the Theatre Royal in Brighton

Throughout the show, the use of simple costume changes, whether a hat or coat, really sucked you into the story.

While the use of sound effects to evoke a change of scenery always struck the right note and was never overused.

As an audience member, it feels like you are in the hands of the woman in black as she begins to emerge from different points around the auditorium.

Her every appearance submerges you further in the unfolding terror.

I'm a big fan of horror films but on multiple occasions, I could feel my heart pounding.

Given the number of jump-scares, the moments of light humour, which work so well on the stage, offered some truly welcome respite.

I would love to comment more on the performance of the actress who played the titular character, however, she was not credited in the show.

This leads you to wonder if perhaps her performance was so good because she was in fact a ghostly apparition!

Rating: ****