Tempest at BOAT

Brighton Open Air Theatre

Saturday, August 30


Folksy Theatre gives a light-hearted take on this Shakespeare perennial with music, dance and the odd stage effect.

The play has all the usual Shakespearean themes of love, intrigue, fantasy, innuendo, slapstick and knockabout farce with a light accessible touch.

The action starts as the usurped Duke of Milan, Prospero and his daughter, Miranda are washed ashore after a shipwreck.

Other survivors of the wreck are the King of Naples, Alonso, his son, Ferdinand and Prospero’s evil brother, Antonio who has usurped his place as Duke of Naples.

Alonso is convinced Ferdinand has perished in the storm but in truth he too has survived, fallen in love and married Miranda.

Naturally, as with most Shakespeare plots, all comes good in the end. The King of Naples is reunited with Ferdinand; Prospero regains the Dukedom; grants Ariel her freedom; forgives, Antonio and gives his approval to the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand.

Rachel Delooze is outstanding as the spirit-servant, Arial and brings some nice touches to her second role as Trincolo – one of a band of plotters. Another star is Gilchrist Muir as the unruly slave, Caliban (and Alonso). The two steal the show.

The rest of the cast are impressive - particularly Tom Hardwicke (Prospero) who holds the stage almost continuously throughout – except when he steps into the shoes of Sebastian. He is ably supported by Jodie Micciche who plays Miranda with gusto as well as Andrew Armfield who doubles up as Ferdinand, Antonio and Stephano as well as being musical director of the production.

It was a nice touch that the cast stayed behind at the end to discuss the play and answer questions from the audience.

Folksy Theatre have already presented several plays at BOAT and expect to be back next year.