People have a lot of love for Turin Brakes and playing to a rammed Concorde 2, they gave a lot back.

The band's rapport with the audience was emotionally engaging and fun. When someone shouted “Where's Olly?” they had an on stage discussion as to the actual existence of the lead singer and concluded that only in Brighton could such a metaphysical questioned be asked.

Elevating this “where's Wally” pun was what the band did, they raised the audience up with beautiful harmonies and gave them space to get lost in thoughtful lyrics.

Gifted lead singer Olly Knights’ liquid voice was like a slide guitar played by Ry Cooder.

Together with the exceptional lead guitar of Gale Paridjanian who formed the band with Knights in 1999, their stage relationship was one of twins, knowing each other's thoughts.

The set consisted of their new album Lost Property, with classics from the fabulous Optimist LP and Ether Song being drip-fed into it.

Towards the end, the songs became extended into jamming, psychedelic wall of sound journeys without ever getting self indulgent or losing the musicality of the tune.

With four encores, it was the perfect mixture of much loved classics and new songs, which will be future favourites.

Four stars