Reunited for their first ever tour with the original band lineup of Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey, 1980s pop girl group Bananarama were a retro delight.

From their first entrance, silhouetted against a massive video screen of tumbling multicoloured glitter, their middle-aged fans were up on their feet and screaming with excitement.

Backed by a four-piece band, the three singers shone in scarlet, black and silver sparkling bejeweled leggings, pointy-shouldered jackets and shrugs. Aie A Mwana, the first track they recorded on emerging from the London punk scene, was backed by a dizzying kaleidoscope video - with a shoutout to the ardent fans who sang along to the Swahili lyrics.

The setlist journeyed from Cruel Summer and Robert De Niro’s Waiting; to fan favourite Trick of the Night, reinstated after an online “Twitterstorm”; and the exuberant Stock Aitken Waterman years with tracks like I Want You Back. One moving moment replayed the band splitting, with Fahey walking off during Cheers, Then – only to return with a dramatic theatrical entrance for her Shakespear’s Sister hit Stay.

Known for making up their own informal dance routines, Venus saw the entire crowd trying to dance along, many wearing light-up devil horns. It was a shame that the Brighton Centre was seated, as the audience sank back down, their energy declining, during less well-known tracks.

However, the exuberant men in front of us were undeterred, voguing wildly along with the I Heard a Rumour armography demonstrated both by the live singers and their younger counterparts in the video playing behind them.

Chattily waving to friends in the audience, occasionally stumbling in the wrong direction and giggling about costume and earpiece malfunctions, Bananarama are still endearingly amateur – but their encore of Love in the First Degree sent everyone dancing out into the night.