A DRAG performer says he wanted to show audiences something “quintessentially Brighton” during his appearance on a world-famous TV show.

Joe Black’s time on the second season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK was far from conventional.

The performer, who lives in Kemp Town, Brighton, was the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition after failing to impress the judges with his Royal Pavilion-inspired outfit.

The Argus: Joe Black, star of Ru Paul's Drag Race UKJoe Black, star of Ru Paul's Drag Race UK

When the show halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Joe returned when filming resumed after one his fellow contestants fell ill with the virus.

But his comeback was to be short lived, and he was sent packing for a second time.

During his turbulent time on the popular programme, Joe said he wanted to represent the city, particularly with his runway look inspired by a windy day on Brighton Palace Pier.

He said: “Out of all of the looks I’d prepared, the seaside one was I think, in my top three because I got to do something that was quintessentially Brighton.

“It was campy, it was silly and ridiculous. No one expected that to come round the corner and I think I’m probably the only person on Drag Race to have ever, with full conviction, hand painted seagull poo on my face and that is my runway moment.”

Joe’s promotional shots for Drag Race were filmed on Brighton Palace Pier, but he had to keep his part in the show under wraps for months.

The Argus: Joe Black said he wanted to represent Brighton in the competitionJoe Black said he wanted to represent Brighton in the competition

He said: “I nearly got kicked off Brighton Pier for causing a fuss with that. I did the photos on Brighton Pier and I think security were a little confused about what I was doing.

“Then the lovely management came over and said it was okay and they watched me having all these photos taken.

“It was actually a really lovely sunny day and people were sat on deck chairs with me walking around dressed like that.

“People were asking me what I was doing but you can’t tell anyone. I said I was just doing a photoshoot about local tourism and promoting attractions. It’s all very secretive.”

Joe said he has been “super busy” since leaving Drag Race and is looking forward to touring again in September.

The tour includes dates in London, Manchester and Nottingham as well as a stop at Brighton’s Theatre Royal, which has been Joe’s dream venue for years.

He said: “I’m really excited because I’ve seen so many wonderful shows there that it will be lovely to actually get on there and have my face and name outside and be the one sneaking out the back of the stage door for a cheeky cigarette in the interval.”

For more information about Joe Black’s tour, visit https://www.misterjoeblack.com/upcoming-appearances