Theatre Of The Mind events are proving to be a surefire source of dependable, thought-provoking entertainment of an evening.

Last week's Tricksters and Troublemakers was a resounding success, and this follow-up, with its somewhat spurious theme Imaginary Worlds pulled together three more very different but equally engaging speakers.

George Egg immediately had the audience roaring with laughter as he chattily prepared pancakes with toasted nuts using two irons and some Bibles while keeping up a hilarious, deadpan commentary on how to to whip up a tasty meal using hotel appliances - a perfect parody of a cooking programme. Curing meat on a towel rail, warming naan bread in a Corby trouser press and straining ricotta cheese through a pillowcase were just some of the highlights of his innovative approach to food - and comedy.

Tilly Gregory also proved a likeable presence as she explained how she had become “the most famous werewolf erotica writer in the world” in an engaging, self-deprecating fashion, and a change of gear saw Graham Duff present the longest segment of the evening: a critical evaluation of dream sequences in film and TV since the Fifties. This took the form of a lecture supported by a number of standout clips, highlighting the links between psychoanalysis and Surrealism.

Well researched and enjoyable, the presentation left the door clearly open for next week’s final event on lucid dreaming.

A satisfying, edifying event.