There’s nothing outwardly unusual about heading out on a Sunday morning for coffee and croissants, if the effort to get up seems a bit much when you first wake. Luckily for a café-full of people who didn’t just turn over and go back to sleep, this event was a surprising theatrical start to the day, and the buzz in the café afterwards would have been palpable to those arriving for the second sitting.

Breakfast was served with four plays, all performed to a professional standard, and each an insightful gem in its own right.

“You’re not the one” might be a rare cry from a kidnapper. Far from relieved, the kidnapped woman in this case (Katrina Holloway) took offence to very funny effect in Keeping Annabelle, which was an excellent start to the dramatic fare.

Undress Me Clarence was a funny, very clean spin on erotic fantasy.

Elise Fabris gave an accomplished portrayal of the blatantly selfish commuter in Mind The Flak, and, in Vintage, she and Scott Virgo convinced us of their life in 1942.

This was a perfect wake-up call to Sunday, and the good news is there will be a second menu to savour on February 17.