You can count yourself as being on the right course as a comedian if you pack out your second ever show.

And the jumps look like they’re getting higher all the time for Andrew Bridge, who is set to appear at the Camden Fringe in July before galloping up to Edinburgh for appearances at the Scottish capital’s Fringe festivities.

Right – enough of the horse puns; he could pretty much cover that himself if he wanted, though his set seems stable enough as it is to avoid leaving even the most blinkered of punters long-faced.

But this wasn’t just a simple show of nicey-nice equestrian gags; it was a gymkhana of storytelling with PowerPoint slides, videos and acoustic guitar laments.

There were appealing sections from the likeable Bridge for those without a penchant for horses and ponies, as he recounted his youth and constructed his quest for a pony.

Overall it’s an amusing concept, despite some weirder moments bordering on Brass Eye-style surrealism which might blindside those with more straight-up sensibilities.

He’s worth a look if you’re heading to Edinburgh or Camden and it will be interesting to see if he can stay the course after a change of tack.