Brighton brothers Alex and Tom White have been consistently creating great tunes, slightly obscured in the background of popular indie music, for years.

At the launch night of new album Idiots, the band relived tracks from some of their “sufferable” LPs, including Silent To The Dark and Empty At The End, as well as “feeling their way through” new tracks.

The music harped back to the era when Badly Drawn Boy, The Lightning Seeds and Super Furry Animals were top of the radio station playlists.

Gentle tracks with instantly recognisable openings riffs included Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone.

Blissfully timed, the short tracks left you yearning for more.

The passionate musicians were having a great time on stage, seemingly honoured that the small under-the-arches venue was full to the back with long-time admiring fans. Although one fan did decide to tell bassist Matt he was sacked in the toilets – presumably an attempt to make conversation rather than indicative of his playing skills.

The band were incredibly tight but their quirky twists and well-constructed riffs were filled with original musical ideas – perhaps typified by the skinhead guitarist, smartly dressed in a black suit with a black shirt and tie – who, despite remaining straight-faced, bobbed with rhythm, proved talented on the strings and was bare-footed.