Fans were out in force to hear eccentric purveyor of psychedlic-folk-wonky-pop Euros Childs.

His band united the tour’s two support acts: acoustic pop duo The Wellgreen and multi-instrumentalist Laura J Martin. Along with bassist Adam Stearns, they were as adept and energetic as his original group Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci.

Opener Tête à Tête set the mood with a catchy melody and offbeat lyrics – “There are corpses beneath my ice rink,” he crooned.

Songs from his latest albums Situation Comedy and Welsh Music Award-nominated Summer Special made up most of the set, including the rocking Ooh La Oona and ragtime Roogie Boogie.

“Imagine I’m Jon Bon Jovi,” he said before Holiday From Myself with the lines, “My voice bores me, I’ve heard it too many times before.”

Between songs he discussed dog grooming, gave away £1.01 and a Kit Kat wrapper from his back pocket and left the band to play a Gary Moore interlude while he nipped upstairs to complain about the noise.

He turned experimental towards the end with Like This? Then Try This, which descended into keyboard pounding chaos.

After more than 20 years, Childs remains adventurous, vibrant and endlessly creative.