Har Mar Superstar, aka Sean Tillmann, may well have been shattered from a weekend partying at the ATP festival by the time he took to the Albert’s stage on Sunday, but you’d barely have noticed.

True, he was sweaty – greasy even – but this was exactly what the sold-out crowd expected: a sleazy, balding, one-man dynamo in a cape whose rough edges formed 90% of his charm.

Promoting his new album Bye Bye 17, which pumps up the superior soulful side of Har Mar’s personality (ably assisted by “one to watch” backing singer Lizzo), he powered through Prisoner and the lyrically smart Don’t Make Me Hit You, with only the horn section pre-recorded.

As the evening wore on, so his clothes wore off, and by the close our hero was doing handstands in his pants – a not uncommon occurrence for him.

Power Lunch, his breakthrough single from 2002, sounded as crisp and punchy as ever, and by the close of the second encore, Body Request was delivered with the energy of an opening number.

Tonight’s success basically came down to showmanship and with Har Mar, you get one of the best – regardless of how rough he feels.