Whether springing about the stage, pink ruffles flying, during the incantation Son Of A Gun, or spinning and dragging herself by her pastel blue ponytail to Renaissance Girls, Oh Land’s stage presence was testimony to her dance training.

As she spat the rhythmic lyrics to My Boxer into a megaphone, sirens wailing, it was obvious why Nanna Øland Fabricius has been dubbed “Denmark’s answer to Gwen Stefani”.

Even sitting behind her keyboard and crooning tender harmonies, the way each song could swiftly evolve into swaying, headbanging and leaping up on to her seat while pounding chords made her mesmerising to watch.

As she set the happy crowd waving their arms from side to side on Rainbow, she playfully challenged the audience to provide percussive clicks and pops, which evolved into a call-and-response improvisation around chicken clucks, operatic flourishes and cries of love for Marmite.

A heckler attempted to shout confused Danish, so the band switched rapidly from one song to the next without entering into dialogue.

Based on the strength of the tracks from new album Wish Bone, and the breathless reception of the sombre Love You Better and joyous White Nights, this will be the last time she plays venues this small.