Watching a living legend perform is a bit like going to see their tribute act – will they be able to live up to their iconic status or will they be a shadow of the performer they once were?

The jury was out early with Van Morrison.

No doubting the voice still remained, a trademark grouchy growl during Close Enough For Jazz was a noise that only The Belfast Cowboy could make work.

But while renditions of Back On Top and So Quiet In Here were perfectly polished, Van The Man was in danger of sounding a little jazz lounge comfortable.

Things picked up with the bluesy trio of songs which followed the arrival of Chris Farlowe, although the ageing Colosseum singer’s claims of being a Hoochie Koochie Man didn’t ring true when set against his tracksuit bottoms and hunched shoulders.

With the momentum set it was time for the contractually-obliged hits, with a playful new arrangement of Brown-Eyed Girl, a soulful God Shines His Light and a slightly underwhelming Days Like These.

In the final throes, the band finally cut loose and the real star quality of one of Britain’s true soul survivors was revealed on cracking renditions of Baby Please Don’t Go and Gloria, as his tight band revealed they have the passion to back-up the polish.