Wot? No Fish! is a beautifully told love story about Ab (Abraham), who made tiny drawings on the back of his wage packets for his wife Celie over the course of 60 years.

Twenty years after their deaths, these drawings have been passed down to Danny Braverman, who has picked 50 or so of the 3,000 drawings to tell the touching story of his great uncle and aunt by projecting them on to a screen.

Braverman’s performance was warm and utterly engaging. His interpretation of the drawings, the way he read between the lines, was as honest and perceptive as the drawings themselves. His superb storytelling never upstaged great uncle Ab’s exquisite little canvases which form the heart of the piece.

Other characters in the story were also made real and important for us. All were woven into a tale of the past that sheds a light on the present. At the end of the story (a simple but utterly delightful surprise), we watched the characters disappear with a sense of sadness because Braverman had brought them so much to life.

Only occasionally does theatre create such magic: this was a one-off, a gem.