Old-school Texan Micah P Hinson is no stranger to misfortune, as shown when he released the acclaimed album Micah P Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress, telling of his time living on the streets, doused in drugs.

His latest release, Micah P Hinson And The Nothing, is similarly recorded through painful experiences, as the crooner recovered from a serious road accident that left him walking with a stick and relearning how to use his arms.

All this could lead to melancholy, but that’s not Hinson’s style. He spent just as much time chatting – and swearing – as he did singing, and was rewarded with gentle, indulgent applause.

Most of the songs from the new record were originally penned years ago, such as opener Grandpa, so there was a familiar feel to the set.

Hinson’s croaky drawl was exaggerated, his awkward movements and rambling dialogues all present, but this was a wearier Hinson to the one that wowed ten years ago.

There were pauses in the middle of choruses, shambolic moments with the equipment, and while it was sweet when his wife joined him on stage, they were often out of time.

Overall, it was more about the persona than the music, which is a shame.

But would Hinson care? Not at all.