Whether there will be a wittier, better crafted or more entertaining show at the Fringe this year remains to be seen, but Brighton boys Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon have set the bar high.

The Opinion Makers is billed as a comedy musical rather than a musical comedy; whatever the difference, the story of the world famous cure-all Dr Campbell’s Lotion is both extremely funny and melodic.

Set in swinging 1960s London, for reasons that only become clear at the end, the five cast members and three musicians whisk you through the two acts with a marvellous blend of engaging characters, snappy one-liners and catchy songs.

Each of the actors can carry a tune and to good comic effect. David Mounfield’s pedantic MP song was exceptional, but it would be unfair to single out any one of the excellent performances.

Mitchell himself directs and does a good job in the cramped space. Such a cracking show deserves a longer run (there are only three dates), a much better venue and some proper financial backing. A larger band would flesh out the music and radio mics would benefit the singing.

This performance was sold out and the reaction at the end was unanimous – a hit!