This interactive biology-based comedy show aims to determine the differences between the male and female brain via a charismatic one-and-a-half-hour multimedia extravaganza.

Impressive graphs, singalong songs (complete with hand gestures) and pet rat cameos all made for a fantastic look at what could be coined as “theatrical gender science”.

Performer Timandra Harkness’s energetic one-woman show, inspired by her own gender identity issues, compared scientific studies and consulted a “real brain scientist” in order to take the audience on a journey to discover what differs in the minds of men and women.

Alongside the scientific main dish were hints of sociology and philosophy; this show was not purely for the brain science fanatics among us. Harkness confidently and casually connected with the audience, making the prospect of volunteering not as daunting as your usual stand-up comedy gig.

Well researched, written and performed, Brainsex will not disappoint people with a sense of humour and a thirst for biological knowledge. Brain-teasingly enjoyable.