A sense of trepidation took hold on learning that the two leads in this play, Beth Symons and Emily Mawer, were 21 and 22 years old, backed up by four guys of about the same age.

The premise of this piece is a lurching, embarrassing document of life lived playing the dating game through the internet. Most people know someone who has chanced their arm on such a website and ended up in an excruciating situation.

Could such a young cast have the collective experience to portray life’s rich tapestry of singletons and their desperation?

Well, yes. The two women played their parts with gusto, reciting a witty script with ease and, along with their prospective dates, making me “LOL” more than once.

The men being caricatured were at times clichéd or too much of a pastiche of the worst male but it would keep even the harshest of critics mildly amused.

Performed by a fledgling company called Crank Productions, this isn’t a bad effort. The actors are by no means the finished article but there is something here beyond their years which would resonate with most of us.