In increasingly uniform times, it falls to outfits as anomalous as Hydrocracker to incite the kind of purposeful debate enjoyed by brain-bothering individuals in attendance at Wild Justice. The evening was observed by playwright Neil Fleming who created a theatrical think-tank of us, the result of which will be evident in the coming months.

Hydrocracker’s events are site-specific and with themes up for dissection being justice, revenge and forgiveness, the church added extra impetus. Prompted to share our thoughts on vengeance and redemption with the room and partners chosen at random, the instantaneous clamouring suggested we were consciously enthusiastic about doing so.

Initially dispersed in the audience, the panel of experts presenting their diverse and articulate ideas were Marina Canatcuzino of The Forgiveness Project; philosophy lecturer Mark Devenney; Jo Berry, who has worked with Brighton bomber Paddy Magee in the hope of a peaceful society; and psychotherapist Robin Shohet.

It read like the beginning of an intellectual joke: “A journalist, humanitarian, philosopher and psychotherapist walk into a church...”. All this and first rate dramatic shorts from Hamlet to Ceaucesku? It’s not much of a punchline but it was a great success.