In a cloud of smoke, flashing lights and mechanical noise, a lone girl emerges into a busy station with a white suitcase. She’s on her way somewhere, but before she gets there she must fend off wily thieves and appease officious customs staff in this uplifting world premiere cabaret circus production by Spiegeltheatre Company.

This new company was created especially for this year’s Fringe, yet the performers look like they’ve been working together for years. They had a natural rapport with each other and the audience from the start, creating a truly inclusive atmosphere.

A pile of battered suitcases were the only props, inventively used to become body scanners, sliding doors and even vicious barking dogs. Recognisable scenarios at airports and railway stations made the topic familiar to all.

It was impossible not to smile as the energetic cast members pinched drinks from audience members in the front row, leapt on people’s laps and threw off fur coats for a spontaneous Cossack dance.

Spiegeltheatre Company have created a sensational piece of cabaret theatre that had the sold-out crowd roaring with laughter one minute and silent in awe at elegant aerial acrobatics the next.

The sense of fun on stage was infectious, with the audience willingly out of their seats and dancing on stage during the raucous finale.

We never found out where the girl in the sky blue mackintosh was heading. But when the journey was this exhilarating, it simply didn’t matter.