Famously “haunted”, Preston Manor runs regular spooky tours, with guides theatrically telling of White Ladies and floating dismembered body parts. London improvisers Random Acts brought that stagey style to its logical conclusion with this bawdy fictionalised 1940s romp through the elegant Georgian mansion and grounds.

We were ushered in by the subtly named Dr Downton (played soberly by director Tig Land), who would prove to be the host with the most ghosts (sorry) as the family of the deceased Sir Thomas Drew weren’t the only things going bump in the night.

Decidedly silly, the loose whodunnit led us from shadowy kitchen to garden pet cemetery, complete with mini-gravestones.

Cartoonish performances flew thick and fast, with the Aussie-aping Chastity (Sandra Mills) and family maid Fanny (Cherie Pruden) the obvious stars. Carry On innuendo ruled.

This interactive play proved engaging, though perhaps the interaction was a little perfunctory at times. The danger with comedy horrors is that both ingredients can be lacking, as was sadly the case here: caricatures sometimes were sketched too broadly, laughs taken for granted.

Still, with the manor itself fascinating and the play always enjoyable, it would be difficult to think of a more fun way to explore this historic building.