Rainbow Shakespeare’s As You Like It is probably the best of their many fine productions – one not to be missed.

As the play is set in the Forest of Arden the sylvan setting of Highdown provides a natural backdrop for the action. And, for once, the weather allowed the play to be enjoyed in comfort.

Nick Young’s straightforward direction ensures the complex plot unfolds clearly and successfully extracts the best from his excellent cast.

Joshua Crisp’s Orlando is sheer joy to watch, especially in his first meeting with Rosalind. His gormless lovesickness is a hoot.

There are enchanting performances from Susannah Gordon as the object of his love and from Pam Sian Evans as Celia. A quibble would be Jack Kristiansen’s Jaques - a trifle over mannered and oddly accented.

The play boasts a clutch of truly comic rustics who get the biggest laughs thanks to the performances of Peter Goode, Oliver Byng, Imogen Miller Porter, Helena Waite Roberts and Charlie Marsh.

There is more comedy from Simon Pennicott’s Touchstone. It is understood that Pennicott took on the part at very short notice and deserves congratulations for giving a faultless performance.