It isn’t very often that a Dome audience of under-12s is invited to respond to classical music.

But that is precisely what Prokovief had in mind when he wrote Peter and The Wolf for a children’s theatre in Moscow, in 1936.

Chamberhouse Winds, exhorted and accompanied by narrator Jonathan Butcher had a wonderful time with a wind quintet adaption of the score, colourful cartoon backdrops and some audience participation.

The result was a great deal of fun and perhaps the beginnings of interest in live music that is not recorded, amplified or canned.

Samantha Moore, flute, Hazel Todd, oboe, and Sally Bartholomew, bassoon, dressed up gamely as cat, bird and grandfather with professional skill and humorous stage business.

But even Ian Stott demonstrating a French horn by playing a length of hosepipe with a funnel at one end didn’t interest one small boy as much as the bit where the wolf ate the duck, and swallowed it whole.

The Flight Of The Bumblebee was played as fast as humanly possible and we all clicked and swished in background accompanied to Mancini’s Pink Panther.

Hugely entertaining classical music for children of all ages.