The YouTube phenomenon performed her one-woman show to a packed out crowd.

Miranda Sings, the brain child of Colleen Ballinger, had the young audience in stitches with her zany mix of character comedy, tuneless singing, dancing and magic.

She has gained more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers by mocking the pretensions of wannabe celebrities and satirising self-promotional videos.

Ballinger opened the show, singing Defying Gravity with remarkable vocals, during which she transformed into Miranda.

She smeared her infamous red lipstick around her mouth to screams of excitement from the crowd. It was a seamless and hilarious transition, making her almost unrecognisable.

More than just a comedy character, Miranda is a fully conceived being.

As well as singing droning covers of songs such as Born This Way and Cell Block Tango, she gave vocal lessons and a self-help seminar.

This included not dressing ‘porn’ – a term for anything sexually suggestive – and tips for finding love, involving cringe-worthy audience participation. She also discussed her ‘haters’ and read some side-splitting examples of hate mail.

The sea of red lipstick clad fans, known as ‘Mirfandas,’ was excited to the point of hysteria throughout. Offensive to the eardrums, immature and undeniably obnoxious, but ultimately endearing and very funny.