The London Philharmonic Orchestra continues to draw good-sized audiences to Brighton’s Dome and on Saturday everyone enjoyed a captivating double treat.

The orchestra provided a subtle and at times powerful platform for soloist Dmitri Berlinsky to play a beautifully measured Beethoven Violin Concerto In D Major.

Then they gave an impeccable performance of the highly contrasting mood of the Brahms Symphony Number 1 In C Minor.

It seems it is not in Berlinsky’s nature to be “showy” and his performance of the Beethoven glowed with warmth rather than dazzled with technical grandstanding.

Not that he was averse to some fireworks, soaring high above the melodic base provided by the orchestra and providing a lightning display to conclude the first movement.

The orchestra captured the sublime opening of the second movement, while Berlinsky showed superb control to bring repose and tenderness to the piece.

Conductor Aziz Shokhakimov, of Beatle-like haircut, took the Brahms to his soul and the orchestra willingly joined him in the journey with a performance of charm, power, and clarity.

Shokhakimov seemed more like a lightning conductor at times, body jerking as if he was absorbing all the considerable energy of the orchestra in a dazzling final movement.