Stewart Lee’s new show, A Room With A Stew, was at the Brighton Dome last weekend for a two-night sell-out run.

The Friday was packed with people who’d been anticipating the show for months.

Lee has been on the UK comedy circuit for decades and rightly has a winning reputation for his acerbic, deadpan delivery.

Last weekend’s shows debuted new material, giving the crowd a chance to see him rehearse.

Naturally this meant his routine wasn’t as smooth as it would be with old material or on television, but the occasional repetition and unexpected conversational swerve didn’t detract from the success of the new material.

Family life, old friends and pets were all presented in different stories – some more believable than others – making for an intimate set.

For a comedy show, there was an unusually respectful feel to the audience, with barely any heckling or signs of discontent.

There was one exception – a muffled but very inebriated-sounding man shouting from the edge of the upper circle.

Lee dealt with the interruption in an endearingly understanding manner, by flatly sympathising.

His unruffled, blasé approach to stand-up has made him one of the UK’s best loved comedians and this show will enforce his reputation, not that he’d care much either way.