Time has failed to diminish both the attack and verve of Fay Fife.

The Rezillos singer and shimmy-tastic figurehead, has preserved all the clarity and range of her enigmatic 1970s self.

She, along with her cohort Eugene Reynolds and her other quiff-wobbling leather-clad band, ripped through an enviably energetic set on the opening night of the latest Stranglers tour.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the headline act.

Although they rocked their way stoically through an almost two-hour set of back-catalogue greats, which clearly delighted the hardcore fans at the front of the auditorium, the ambience in the rest of the room was mostly pedestrian.

Unaided throughout by a light show and set that lacked imagination, there was little or no technical magic to contribute to the overall texture of the show.

Fortunately for the band, the audience managed to be simultaneously warm and appreciative, showering their most fervent whoops and applause on Jet Black, for his special three-song guest appearance.

How long The Stranglers will stand the test of time is unknown, but one thing is sure; as long as they keep touring their dedicated fans will flock to them and rock out in their own calm quiet way.