The Dome audience relished a classical hoe-down as orchestra and two brilliant soloists gave a riveting performance of one of Mozart’s most inventive compositions.

Veronika Eberle on violin and Antoine Tamestit on viola duelled with passion and precision in an electric display of energy and grace in a captivating Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K364.

For a breather the “fiddlers” fell back into the welcoming arms of a superbly sympathetic Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, confidently led by Amyn Merchant, before emerging again for another thrilling round of calls and responses.

Eberle’s violin oozed cutting edge and emotion, while Tamestit’s viola glowed with warmth and mellow charm.

The orchestra’s musicianship and textures were equally fine in the rhythm-driven Beethoven Symphony No 7.

Conductor Nicholas McGegan expertly egged everyone on with schoolboy glee throughout this rich performance, especially in the crisp third movement and exhilarating finale. He seemed to sense something special was in the air.

Some enchanting flute decorated the Beethoven, while power from brass and timpani gave the second movement grandeur, decorated by its entrancing melody.

Before the impressive Beethoven and Mozart feasts were served, some charming pieces in the Brahms Liebeslieder Walzer orchestral suite made excellent, if at times short, aperitifs.