Count Arthur, alter ego of comedian Steve Delaney, is an acquired taste and one, luckily, that I acquired recently via his successful television series.

The Count, a one-time music hall artist attempting a come-back, performs a variety show that is befouled through a legal injunction resulting from a printer’s error in the show’s title and other misfortunes.

Arthur’s world, often out of touch with reality, has flights of fancy that take on a hilarious surrealism that recalls the pioneering work of The Goons and Spike Milligan. This together with misunderstandings and atrocious malapropisms make up his comic appeal.

His variety show includes a tribute to Rex Harris (sic) and a selection of songs from his hit films Dr Doolally and My Furry Lady. Other acts include a ventriloquist doll who refuses to speak and an outrageous send-up of the Beatles – the Fat Four.

The highlight for me was when Arthur, as a part-time lay preacher, delivered a sermon on Genesis with Alan and Evelyn in the Garden of Edam together with their pet snake. His account of exorcising John Bishop was a hoot.

An evening of inspired lunacy with Delaney receiving excellent support from stooges Terry Kilkelly and Dave Plimmer.