More than 25 years on from the implosion of old Hollywood, cinema is filled with smart independent movies aimed at smart people, who have created a paradise on earth.

But one screenwriter has a dream – to pen a piece of event cinema just like they did in the old days, based on cancelled 1960s sitcom Stella Saves The Day.

The closest antecedent to Point And Shoot is cult Broadway dystopian satire Urinetown. But this Holland Street Production, although sharing a similarly high body count and disregard for theatrical tradition, has a much warmer tone.

Its four performers – playing 52 characters and 16 instruments – poke fun at both artistic integrity and mindless entertainment through gorgeous four-part harmonies, a beautiful lyrical script by Taylor Jacob Jones and earworm songs from Robert Woods.

The central story is accompanied by ingenious subplots and incredible plot twists, while the look and feel draws on 1930s screwball comedy and occasional Sam Spade-esque similes.

The journey from the crackly vintage film of the original sitcom to the CGI-lavished end product flies by – and the performers’ energy never drops in a true Fringe theatre masterpiece.

Friday night may have been the production’s premiere performance outside the company’s native Australia, but hopefully it will be here to stay for a long time.

Five stars