If reviews are supposed to be a critical analysis, well articulated with perhaps a witty remark or two then I can only apologise, as I’m afraid on this particular occasion I’m going to fail miserably.

The reason? Flying Eye’s show Glow, developed in collaboration with Dr Anna Franklin of the Sussex Baby Lab.

Do I know what it’s about? Not really.

Can I give you a summary of the plot? Nope.

But as my young daughter and I entered the warm and welcoming tunnel created in The Old Market, and walked into a soundscape of playful violin plinking and saw gently glowing balloons bobbing about our heads, we looked at each other with excited grins which only grew wider as the performance went on.

The actors jump, climb, twirl and hop with child-like glee. They interact with both light and the audience, lending an improvised, relaxed feel to proceedings which puts the children at ease.

The beauty of this piece, however, is that it’s not trying to be clever or over-analytical.

It’s charming, playful, beautifully executed and totally full of joy.

Now who would want to criticise that?

Five stars