This is an extremely ambitious piece of site-specific theatre, and a most stimulating and enjoyable experience.

An audience of 20 are ushered round a house for sale by two estate agents, like an open day.

Inside various family members go about their lives, from the past or in the present, while the voyeurs silently observe and piece together what they see, making their own narrative of it.

It is very intimate and initially the effect is like being an awkward house guest - where is your space?

The actors, ages from 12 to 80, soon relax the onlookers by simply ignoring them, avoiding all eye contact.

House uses technology (Circa 69) to great effect in all manner of ways, while avoiding any obvious theatricality.

The ideas and themes behind the piece are explored by suggestion, leaving the imagination and additional opportunities after the event to add to the experience.

The performers are convincing; the attention to detail meticulous; the staging inventive while believable.

"Imagine what it would be like to live here," prompt the estate agents.

The lines between theatre and reality are totally blurred in House and this should be the measure of its success.

Four stars