This medieval tale from the Suffolk coast was imaginatively adapted by the new Sussex collective Dust And Sawdust, using puppetry, video projection, music and live action.

It told the story of a naked wild man, covered in hair, who was caught in the nets of local fishermen in 1167.

A 'flawed and jagged fragment of God's creation', this creature from the depths denied the salvation of the cross and remained outside the rules and laws of society.

The show was sold out and the cast (four female, one male) worked efficiently in the small cramped space, telling the tale as a troupe of wandering players might have done, with the engaging narrator/netmaker deserving a special mention.

The full size Wild Man puppet was effectively handled while the two crab hand puppets offered moments of light comedy.

The child-like simplicity and roughness of the video projection was surprisingly powerful and the medieval songs accompanied by a harpist lifted the energy, the harp being crucial throughout in maintaining the atmosphere of the piece.

So a simple story was simply told, though such an often gory tale was not necessarily suitable for all ages as advertised.

Three stars