As the lights went down and roars of applause emanated from the crowds, Sean McLoughlin shuffled onto the stage.

‘I know you weren’t applauding for me,’ he said, in a self-deprecating tone that continued through his set. He was right, of course, but he won himself plenty of new fans over the next hour.

It’s always interesting for comedians to play a home-town set, and with references to his old school, teachers and a recent move to Bevendean, he crafted some very familiar jokes. Glumly witty with a resigned air, McLoughlin’s a unique talent.

Katherine Ryan was the main draw of the evening and she bounded onto the stage with a mesmerising energy that was maintained throughout.

Again, her material was relatable, with references to her dating experiences, exes, daughter and wider family.

She states her views in a way that’s simultaneously hilarious and serious: revenge porn and the ambitions of glamour models are discussed with a very sharp, quick mind.

She’s the kind of person you’d love to have round for dinner, but no-one else would need to join in, because she’d be able to hold the conversation alone.

Live, she’s more personable than she seems on panel shows, and more intimate.

Impressive and entrancing, this was a brilliant show.

Five stars