The small cast of Nunsense had a big task in tackling a show that was an international hit and ran for a decade in New York as well as spawning a television spin-off.

Focus on their talents was even sharper in the intimate atmosphere of the small theatre in Church Walk.

So take a bow all of them, but especially remember Sister Amnesia, played with charm, an almost childlike innocence and terrific acting in a standout performance from Katherine Whinn.

This was a holy quintet with great acting habits in harmony in every way on stage, from decent singing in the 20-plus songs to the impressive timing of their witty dialogue.

The capacity audience clapped along to give a gospel feel as Natalie Howe, a competitive Sister Mary Hubert, belted out the closing song Holier Than Thou.

Action revolved around the unlikely scenario of a surviving group of whacky nuns staging a show to raise money to bury other nuns killed by a fellow nun’s cooking.

Cher Piddock hugged the spotlight greedily as ex-circus member and Mother Superior Sister Mary Regina in a show that never dipped in pace for a second. Alicia Lane’s zippy direction and good audience participation made a couple of hours fly by.

Four stars