Luisa Omielan will be the first to admit that her highly successful first show What Would Beyonce Do? came from a dark place.

In her late 20s Omielan found herself getting dumped, suffering from depression, moving back to the family home, and coping with the suicide attempt of her brother.

From this, she crafted a brilliantly witty and personal show which balanced raucous sexual innuendos with intimate anecdotes and emotionally charged revelations.

The success has changed Omielan’s life, and with it, her style of comedy.

Her new show, Am I Right, Ladies?!, contains much fewer personal details about her family and many more about her sex life.

It’s still revealing, personal and hilarious, but it’s more refined; more polished and consumer-friendly in a way that will probably get her into less trouble with her family.

She’s now an internationally recognised comedian and rightly so, because she’s unique – she addresses sex, self-esteem and ambition in a manner that’s disarmingly honest.

By being unapologetic and irreverent, she tackles feminist issues like a quarterback.

And judging by the roars of applause and the standing ovations, I’d say the ladies in the Brighton audience would firmly agree that yes, yes she is right.

Five stars